Tips on Dating a Comedy Diva

Joanne Kam Poh Poh


In our exclusive interview with Malaysia’s comedy darling Joanne Kam Poh Poh, the softer side of her character shines through. Be bold and embrace the romantic season all February long — grab some roses and deliver them to this wonderful lady who deserves love and appreciation from all her fans. After all, faint heart never won fair lady, or so the saying goes!


What does your closet look like as a comedian?

My comedy is cabaret-based. I have four wardrobes. I’ve been performing for over 20 years, so all those clothes have taken up space in my daughter’s closet as well! A lot of those are show costumes for stand-up comedies such as evening gowns. It’s always about diversifying my look with sequins, wigs, sexy dresses, having a bit of extension to my hair and not-so-dramatic make-up.


Red lipstick or pink lipstick?

If I’m trying to be Korean, I would pick pink, but if I’m going for a seductive effect, I would wear red lipstick. There’s just something about red.


Share with your secret admirers some strategies to win your heart.

Not calling me at 3 am. If you check their Facebook and they are not a serial killer, then going for a cup of coffee is okay.


Joanne Kam Poh Poh


What’s your all-time-favourite pickup line to impress a man you admire?

“Google me.” I’ve said this once to a man, but he beat me to it. He asked what I did, so I passed him my card and said, “Google me.” He then handed me his card, and mentioned the same thing to me. The next thing you know, I found out he was more famous than I am!


How would you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

I always have that anti-Valentine’s Day feeling in me. I would call all my single girlfriends to hang out, open our mobile apps and check out the hottest guys in town.

How would you celebrate International Men’s Day which falls on 19 November every year?


That’s interesting because we usually celebrate International Women’s Day. Go and celebrate their manliness. Perhaps agree with everything he says, especially when it comes to the children and cook him all his favourite meals. Just add that extra sugar to his sirap bandung and he’s a happy man!


Joanne Kam Poh Poh


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