Armoured Protection & Investigation Svc (M) Sdn Bhd (313964-V)
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Petaling Jaya, Selangor

About Us

INTRODUCTION ARMOURED PROTECTION & INVESTIGATION SERVICES (M) SDN BHD (A.P.I. SERVICES (M) SDN BHD) is a Bumiputra private limited company incorporated on 1 September 1994. The company was formed to undertake the business of providing a full range of security and investigation services and security products/design to meet the constantly increasing demand for a committed, high quality and professional security services in Malaysia. The company provides security services both for government agencies and private sectors. The company has a team of 20 management staff, over 300 security personnel and an experienced team of investigators. With this team A.P.I. Services (M) Sdn Bhd has advanced to a mature and professional stage albeit its inception age. This is due to the existing sound leadership, good management, quality clientele/customer services, which is in line with the company's commitment to serve and protect its clients' interest/properties. All staff and personnel of A.P.I. Services (M) Sdn Bhd were recruited and hand-picked by professional and experienced leaders. They are consequently vetted fully by the police to ensure total dependability and reliability. Each new security personnel is required to undergo on orientation programme to instill in him/her a sense of loyalty and dedication towards the company, to share the company's commitment in the industry and the company's vision of excellence in serving and protecting its clients' interest/properties. List of Branches : SELANGOR (HQ) __________________ 71C, TING 2 JLN PJS 1/48, PETALING UTAMA, BATU 7, JALAN KLANG LAMA 46000 PETALING JAYA, SELANGOR MELAKA ____________ NO. 35, JLN RU7 TMN RAMBAI UTAMA BUKIT RAMBAI 75250 MELAKA PAHANG ____________ NO. 3, JLN TJ 6/2 TINGKAT ATAS 28000 TEMERLOH JAYA TEMERLOH, PAHANG PENANG ____________ NO. 4773, 2ND FLOOR JALAN BAGAN LUAR 12000 BUTTERWORTH PULAU PINANG SABAH NO. A-1-5, 1ST FLOOR, BLOCK A LOT 5, LORONG TAIPAN 28/1 TAIPAN 28, INANAM 88450 KOTA KINABALU SABAH

Product & Services

THE COMPANY'S SERVICES In meeting our mission and commitment, A.P.I Services (M) Sdn Bhd is therefore providing a vast range of security and investigation services. The company's main services are as follows:- Security Guard Services Internal Security Guarding (Armed and Unarmed) To provide full uniform security guards in protecting clients' interest and properties in locations such as: • All types of buildings (residential houses, offices, shopping complexs, • shop houses, banks etc.) • Factories • Construction sites • Mines and Estates • Other locations as required by our clients Armed Escort Service To provide armed security personnel to escort client's vehicle carrying valuables, documents, explosives, etc. from one agreed location to another, or/ and as agreed / required by our clients. Payroll Escort Service To provide armed guards services for protection a particular location and its environment during the client's salary payment period. Bodyguard Service To provide services of well trained and armed / unarmed personnel for escoting / protecting clients or / and his other family members as identified to us. Security Audit / Consultancy To provide services for checking, surveying and reporting the clients' organization (physical) set-up and to provide consultancy services pertaining to security matters and arrangements. Investigation Services Commercial / Industrial Investigation To provide services in monitoring and investigating of industrial cases (illegal factories, imitation of goods and any other offences against normal industrial practices). Undercover Agent To provide services where undercover agents will participate in the clients' operations to observe malpractice and illegal activities of their employees as identified by the client. Surveillance To provide services in monitoring and following movements and activities of person / persons identified by the client. House Detective To provide surveillance and monitoring services for shopping outlets, departmental stores and other business that has a large number of employees and customers daily, for any attempt of robbery, shoplifting, pick-pocketing, deviance behavior and other criminal offences within the specific premises. Tracing Enquiries To provide services in gathering information on a particular organization / individual background as required by clients. Matrimonial Investigations To provide services on information gathering, evidence and proof of either one of the spouse at fault or believed to be at fault by the other. Corporate Intelligence Works To provide services for investigation of any abnormal, illegal and other dishonest activities which are against the policy ot the corporate organization. Other Investigation Any other investigation works requested and identified by the client / individual. Security Equipment To supply, install, commission and maintain high-tech security equipment. Our wide range of equipment includes: • Intrusion, detection / alarm panel • Integrated access control and security systems • Perimeter protection system • Security fencing • CCTV and pinhole camera • Security lighting Professional Services To provide professional services this includes Technical Sweeping and Counter-Intelligence, etc. Security Training To organize and conduct complete industrial security training for interested parties:- • Basic Security Management • Private Investigation Course • Supervisor's Course • Close Escort / Bodyguard • Basic Security Personnel • Tactical Shooting • Specific Course to meet the security requirement of resepctive client Security Research Services A.P.I Services (M) Sdn Bhd also provides information and data on the various aspects of security services, activities, training programmes and etc, as required / identified.
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