10 Things You Thought You Knew About Jojo Struys

Everyone knows she’s a model,  TV host and better yet an actress in Salon with Raja Farah. It’s no other than the beautiful Jojo Struys, keeping her radiance while she’s out and about travelling to somewhere exotic in Asia! That’s right folks, she has been traveling around Asia for her  TV show ‘Jojo’s Diary of Asia’. She has many secrets to share with you as she moves throughout her journey of life.


You think you may know her but you’ll be amazed by the ten things you did not know about Jojo Struys.  Find out more about Jojo Struys and her journey in Asia.  Here’s 10 things of what you thought you knew when in all actuality, you did not.

Jojo Struys

1.     Secret to maintaining her glowing radiance


Jojo loves traveling and has been traveling ever since she was young. She went to Africa when she was a child and met the locals in their mud huts. In fact, Jojo believes that traveling is the best form of education as it expands the mind. She emphasizes that when people travel, they will realize how humbling it is that they are miniscule despite how big the world is. Let her secret be revealed!


The tips to maintaining a glowing skin is to drink plenty of water and perform breathing exercises on-the-go. A good 15 minutes of breathing exercises can relax the mind and body, which will give the body an instant sense of calm.

2.     Get lost in Bandung


If Jojo were to get lost somewhere in Asia, you would find her in Bandung, Indonesia. She recently discovered a beautiful luscious area near Kawah Putih in Bandung that she immediately checked in to a 3-star hotel far from the Hilton Hotel, which she initially planned to stay in. The 3-star hotel accommodated a 6-star view of the stunning hot spring and the sounds of the gushing water. She even had to ask a nearby lady to lend her a sarong as she was dressed in a bikini in the unknown village community. She really enjoyed the divine location despite it not being known to many people.

3.     Thai food fan


Jojo is a big fan of Thai food! It’s just the spices in Thai food that make it a little more exotic!

Jojo Struys

4.     Would die to get some sleep


It’s really hard being Jojo Struys. Living out of a suitcase is tiring as it requires her to come and shoot early in the mornings. On days which do not need her to come in early, she craves for sleep! Jojo’s job is not the standard 9-5, so her sleeping pattern is pretty haphazard. She desires to have at least 7 hours of sleep.

5.     Healing technique enthusiast


Jojo’s ultimate healing technique lies in breathing exercises. The realization of being in the present is utmost important as we are rushing through life, she expands. She describes this as the “rushing syndrome” or sickness. She adds, “When you’re stuck in traffic, look up and watch the sky while the sun is setting and take that moment in.  There are beautiful moments everywhere you look.”


Besides breathing, mastering the artwork of the samurai sword is part of a healing process. She was trained by one of the masters who trained Lucy Liu for Kill Bill: Volume 1. Jojo finds that the samurai sword entices a lot of culture with people bowing to the point that the samurai sword is regarded as a code of honor.

Jojo Struys

6.     Mood Dresser


Dressing up like Jojo is easy because she’s a mood dresser! Sometimes she would wear slippers. She’s a fan of flip flops although they are ridiculously expensive for her! At times, she would wear loose and flowy skirts or fisherman’s pants or other times she’ll go boho-chic! Not too much make –up, just a dash of blush and lip-balm would do for her!

7.     Speak Swahili


Don’t worry, Jojo is your savior when it comes to touring Africa. This pretty lady is well-versed in Swahili.

Jojo Struys

8.     Sings to her dogs


Jojo’s puppies give her moral boost and confidence. Why? Because her dogs think that she is great when she’s singing that they would actually give her a perpetual confusion stare.

9.     Would cry when watching Disney Cartoons


Yes, Jojo is an emotional lady that she will cry when watching Disney’s cartoon, The Fox and The Hound. When she was little, she always cried watching it.

10.   Got proposed in a private place


Too late guys, she’s married! The most romantic thing her husband has ever done was proposed to her on a bamboo deck under a carpet of stars when she did not see it coming. They were in the woods and felt as though there were no other soul on earth but only a candle on the deck with the sounds of the gushing river beneath them. It was so private. 

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