5-Must Have Items from Nala

Lisette Aline Scheers


All it took for Lisette Aline Scheers to start Nala was two friends anda box of stationery from New York.  She fell in love with the stationary box from New York and wanted to create something similar using her own designs, that’s when Nala was born.Nala’s designs are all about deriving inspirations from Malaysia’s rich culture and heritage. With every pattern designed by hand, Nala has fans from all over Asia, including Hong Kong and Singapore. Let’s have a look at Lisette’s personal favourite item.

1. The Baise en Ville 

Tote bag


Nala’s reversible tote bag. Hand printed and trimmed with genuine leather. Baise en ville actually means “one night stand” in French – meaning that the size is just right to bring along a pair of undies, a new shirt and your toiletries. It comes with a little purse that is detachable.

2. Pillows


Nala’s pillows are all hand printed – silkscreened – on 100% cotton. All designs are linked with Malaysia’s heritage. The latest two designs, love lattice and kuih today, are based on the lovely kuih we eat during tea time and the incredible grills we see around us every day and take for granted.

3. Angpow packets

Angpow Packets

Nala’s cards have become collector’s items. Every set comes with 15 cards (5 designs) and 15 angpow packets (5 different designs). These too are inspired by our Malaysian heritage and are printed on recycled paper using soy ink and each card is beautifully embossed.

4. To-do book


The to-do books are indispensable in Lisette’s daily life. They help manage time with the long to do lists. Printed on recycled paper with soy ink, they come in 4 different designs.

5. Nala’s wallpaper collection

Wallpaper Collection

Hand drawn designs – custom made. You can change the colour of the designs to fit your house. All the patterns can be turned into wallpaper.



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