A Close-Up of Your Dream Closet

At the beginning of the movie Sex and the City 2, when fashion icon Carrie Bradshaw and husband Mr. Big let go of their dream penthouse in Manhattan to settle for something ‘closer to Earth’ on the 12th floor, she still kept ‘a little bit of heaven’, her walk-in wardrobe filled with envy-inducing designer items.


We investigate why having a walk-in wardrobe is the dream of all homeowners, especially women who want the perfect place to store their clothes, shoes, handbags and other accessories.


Walk-in wardrobe


If you’re planning to renovate your home, a walk-in wardrobe will be the perfect addition. Here’s why:

1) A walk-in wardrobe is built to follow the exact measurement of the room or corner you’re renovating, maximizing the space for all your clothes and accessories. A floor-to-ceiling wardrobe saves you dusting time too

2) You can better organize your garments, footwear and handbags. This gives you more time to plan your outfit!

3) It helps to de-clutter your bedroom, leaving you with a more conducive and rejuvenating environment to sleep and unwind.


Some tips on building a walk-in closet that will work for your home:


Walk-in wardrobe

While some larger houses have more space like an extra room or attic, their smaller counterparts may need to make space for this project. Decide if this will be a separate or shared wardrobe with your partner.



Speak to an experienced contractor and share your ideas on how you’d like your wardrobe to look like. Keep an open mind and listen to suggestions on what might work for the space and items you have.


Light colours such as white and beige can give the illusion of space while darker shades like dark brown and black lend a luxe touch to your wardrobe. Although there is no rule to match your bedroom with your walk-in wardrobe as they are supposed to be two different areas, using the same colour scheme will create a uniform look throughout your home. Alternatively, opt for two contrasting colours. If you’re sharing your walk-in wardrobe with your partner, you can go for a his and hers paint job, be it black/white, pink/blue or any other combination.


Walk-in wardrobe

With so many clothes and shoes to choose from, your wardrobe needs to be well-lit for optimum visibility. Every corner requires enough light but install separate switches so that you can turn the light on only when necessary to save energy.


These are useful to keep every item well organized. Clothes and accessories can go into drawers while handbags and shoes are better placed on shelves, preferably away from harsh lighting which could potentially harm certain materials especially leather.



If your walk-in wardrobe is connected to the bedroom, installing a door or curtain is good to separate the two areas. A sliding door with a full-length mirror will be very efficient and modern. If you have one area specifically dedicated to more delicate attire made of lace or chiffon, a curtain will be a better option to cover and protect the articles of clothing from snags and tears.



Walk-in wardrobe

Take a closer look at your clothes and your lifestyle. If you lead a busy life and are always on the go, chances are you iron a huge bundle of outfits in advance and hang them. If so, you should consider more options for hanging your clothes like shelves with hooks.



If you have space to spare, a dressing table with pull-out drawers would make an ideal storage solution for your make-up and small accessories. A small sofa or short stool would be good too.


Whichever style you prefer, always remember, your walk-in wardrobe must be as practical as it is beautiful. It will be the perfect addition to your home sweet home and also the envy of your friends. Enjoy creating your little bit of heaven!

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