Make Your Small Bathroom Spacious

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The bathroom has its own mysterious wonders to setting up your mood while you’re enjoying a hot warm shower beneath the drizzles and splashes of water. In fact, when you’re bummed out, the bathroom is sometimes the place you turn to when you’re in need of ideas or in need of a stress-free massage, correct? Your apartment or condo bathroom does not necessarily have to stay modest. Nor do you need to spend an inexplicable budget to fit out your lavatory. Cheer it up! What you need is an ergonomic, robust, and functional facility that is easy to maintain, maneuver, and easy on the eyes. With a few ideals in mind, here is how you can achieve that.


Seat it in the middle

You’d want to place your throne in between your shower and the sink. This is probably one of the easier layout to achieve maximum utility with space you have. A partition is highly optional, otherwise you may just keep the seat down when it isn’t being used. This layout also provides an ‘avenue’ that is straight and direct with little to no obstruction depending on how much space you’re working with.


Illumination au naturel

If necessary, you want your window to be facing your vanity, above your toilet or next to your shower. Maximize its efficacy by making sure the light can be reflected against different parts of the toilet or have it in a steady stream across the toilet itself. This minimizes the need for additional lighting in the evening and provides more than enough during the early parts of day.


Bathroom Haven


You’re in it for the long run

If your toilet will be visited often, a vanity cabinet will not be ideal. A wall-mounted sink will making cleaning significantly easier and removes the risks of water damage over time as experienced by the wooden cabinets of vanity sinks.


Ditch the mold magnets

Instead of shower curtains, install a shower door or glass partition. Select tiles that prevents bacterial growth and if you must use a floor mat, opt for a towel and wash regularly. Floor mats tend to be a culprit in fungal and bacterial growth, resulting in fowl stenches and deteriorating hygiene (which defeats the purpose of having a toilet in the first place).


If you need to dip, go to the pool

A bathtub in an apartment can be less than appealing. It’s like putting a whole russet potato on dessert plate with a macaroon next to it. If luxury is what you seek, get a shower head that provides a rainfall effect.


Bathroom Haven

Advanced ergonomics

If you really do have the space to work with, throw your washing machine in there too. To prevent potential damage suspend the machine by propping it up on some bricks or material that absorbs shock. Elevating the machine allows cleaning underneath as well as to prevent water from potentially damaging certain electronics within the machine. In addition, placing the machine in the toilet means you would not have to chuck of the extra cash to make pipe extensions.


Large vinyl tiles

For the sake of durability and easy maintenance, opt for larger vinyl tiles. Fewer grout lines provide a less confined impression as well as reducing cleaning time.

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