Of Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice

Let’s be more imaginative, ladies, and spend a little bit more time in the kitchen. Oh, no, we don’t mean another session of slaving over the hot stove cooking for the family. Perhaps, there are things in your kitchen that you can use other than for cooking. Talk about Health and Beauty DIY at the fraction of the cost of store bought products.





Yes, we all know that too much of sugar is bad for the health, but we just can’t resist stirring some sugar into coffee from time to time. So, let’s put all that sugar for better use which doesn’t require consumption.


Sugar scrub bars


1. 1/2 cup of coconut oil (or olive if you prefer)

2. 2 bars of soap

3. Essential oils (peppermint, lavender, rose, ylang ylang, or any of your favourite)

4. 2 cup of sugar

5. Colourants (optional but highly recommended)



1. Shred soap and boil in water.

2. Once soap is fully melted, add oil until combined and separate into different pots. Add 3 to 4 drops of your favourite essential oils into separate pots. Assign each by adding different colourants into each pot. Green for peppermint, purple for lavender, red for rose, etc)

3. Add ½ cup of sugar into each batch and mix evenly. It should produce a sorbet-like texture.

4. Finally, pour into silicone moulds and allow to dry.



Do you know that turmeric acts as a natural aspirin? So, the next time you use turmeric to add taste to your chicken, fish and squid, just remember to set aside some for a rainy day.




Turmeric Remedy


1. Fresh turmeric (one inch, sliced)

2. Cinnamon (1-2 sticks)

3. Black pepper (1/2 teaspoon)

4. Cardamom (1 teaspoon)

5. Ginger (one inch, sliced)

6. 2 cups of low fat milk

7. Honey to taste



1. Pour milk into a pot over medium fire.

2. Add all ingredients into the pot and let it simmer.

3. Turn off heat and allow the mixture to sit for a few minutes.

4. Sweeten up with honey before serving.



Everything Nice

There are other items in the kitchen which can be used for your Health and Beauty DIY project. For this project you’re in luck as Malaysia’s tropical climate allows for bananas to be in season all year round. The components in bananas can help reduce redness and blotchiness on the skin.


Banana Facial


1. 1 banana (mashed well)

2. 2 spoons of thick cream

3. 1 ½ spoon of honey

4. 1 spoon of flour

5. 1 spoon of water



1. Mix all ingredients into a bowl until you get a mousse-like consistency. Add water a little at a time in case the batter becomes too thick.

2. Apply all over the face and other areas of skin that requires instant relief. Leave for about 10 to 15 minutes and rinse off.

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