Tony Eusoff: Telling It Like It Is

We all know Tony Eusoff as the versatile actor, the one who’s famous for delivering polished performances in movies, TV dramas and stage musicals. But underneath the showbiz glamour and glittering public persona is an unassuming guy who exudes an easy charm and is hilariously funny. We speak to the Sarawakian star to gain fresh insights into what goes on behind the scenes in his life. Tony candidly shares some original date ideas, his thoughts on being a beach lover and other honest reflections. Want to take a peek into this celebrity’s closet? Or catch a glimpse of his favourite travel destinations? Check out our exclusive interview to get up close and personal with Tony Eusoff!

Tony Eusoff

Describe a day in the life of a male actor.


We sit around waiting for calls. When I do get called for a job, I’d go, “Yes!” and shout it to the world! The happiness is very short-lived. That’s the reality of it. Some people are more lucky than others. It’s different for every actor, I guess…but I wouldn’t trade this for any other job. I love it.

Tell us what your closet looks like.

I love the colour blue. Personally, my wardrobe is kind of boring. It’s mostly blues, blacks and whites. Lately, I’ve been trying to be adventurous and play with red. I’m not an accessories sort of man. I’m Bohemian, and I’m into eco-friendly and comfy things.


What are the top 3 things you must do when you wake up?


1. Check my phone. It’s pathetic and rather sad, but I need it for a lot of reasons, such as work reminders since my days are very erratic. I do not have any specific routine to abide by.
2. Make myself a sweet coffee. I like my sugar! Not too much of it though.
3. I like to face the sun for 15 minutes. That’s my ritual. I’ve read that getting at least 15 minutes of sun helps our body absorb vitamin D. My room faces the morning sun, so I just open the window, sit there, have my coffee and I’d feel great. Trust me, it does a lot of good.


Tony Eusoff

What’s your all-time favourite pickup line to impress a lady you admire?


“Hey. Your hand looks heavy. Can I hold it for you?”


If you were to bring a lady you like on a Valentine’s Day date, what kind of date would it be?


I’m a non-conformist. I would take my lady to this incredible area on the way up to Cameron Highlands. It’s a vast vegetable farm that has all these light bulbs at night. It’s beautiful! I’ll just drive, bring picnic snacks and drinks. It’s a cheap date, but it’s an enjoyable one. I love the outdoors.  


Name your 3 favourite holiday destinations in Malaysia.


I like diving so I love the islands — Perhentian, Sipadan and Langkawi. I love the beaches, the sun, sea and surf. I would love to die by the beach one day. If I could realize this dream, I would die happy.


Tony Eusoff

What are the 2 things we do not know about you?

1. Contrary to popular belief, I’m not an amazing dancer. Choreography is challenging for me. It’s 5 times the amount of work my colleagues put in during practice.
2. I speak 7 different languages and dialects. I’m the only Bidayuh around. I’m always the minority, so there’s plenty of opportunity to learn. When I lived with a bunch of Sabahan housemates, I picked up the Malay Sabahan language. It has helped me blend in. It’s always satisfying to learn a second language, so go for it! 


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