Extro Machinery Trading Sdn Bhd (683646-A)
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Johor Bahru, Johor

About Us

Extro Machinery Trading is a Trading and Solution provider .The company deals mainly in the supply of industrial equipment, components and spare parts . Email : sales@extromach.com

Our Products & Services

HITACHI Power Tools
HITACHI Oil Free Compressor
HITACHI Oil Flooded Compressor
HITACHI Bebicon Compressor
Han Young Air Dryer
HITACHI Inverters
HITACHI Chain Hoist & HITACHI Rope Hoist
HITACHI Vortex Blower
Beta - max Industrial Wet & Vacuum Cleaner
Winner DC Inverter ARC Welding Machine
Reciprocating Type Air Compressor
Rotary Screw Type Air Compressor
Refrigerant / Desiccant Type Air Dryer
Electric Chain / Rope Hoist
Electrical Power Tools
Compressed Air Filters
Vertical / Horizontal Air Receiver
Mechanical & Electrical Installation
Water Pump & High Pressure Cleaner
General Hardware & Machinery

Vision & Mission

"Your Solution To Compressed Air System"
luo jurney
2 years ago
中国到马来西亚运输公司,可以运输大型货物,超长超重货物,空运、海运包税到门,微信:jurney228(Our company is a transportation company from China to Malaysia. It can transport large cargo, over-length and over-weight cargo, air and sea double tax package to door, WeChat: jurney228)
Wei mr
3 months ago
Hello, we are an airline agent from China. At present, we have first-class product cooperation with China Southern Airlines, Asian Airlines and Malaysia Airlines. At present, we have cooperation with customers such as JD.com, hiyin, Douyin Oppo, etc. , we are specialized in air transportation of all kinds of goods from China to Malaysia. We offer the best quality products at the lowest price. If you need to know more, please reply me by email. Thank you and have a good life.WhatsApp;+8613879490081
1 year ago
Eifa Ocean International Logistics Co.Ltd We are a freight forwarder from China, providing very good logistics service We are dedicated to build a reliable customized solution using the following: • FCL/LCL/Air booking • Customs clearance • Warehousing • Trucking & Delivery to domestic Email:matt@eifaocean.com
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