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About Us

THE COMPANY FOUNDTECH SDN. BHD. was founded in 1978 as a piling and foundation specialist. Over the years, FOUNDTECH has grown considerably and has established itself as the leader in the field of JACKED-IN PILING system. JACKED-IN PILING SYSTEM is a SPECIAL TECHNIQUE to install pile where vibration and noise must be entirely avoided, notably near sensitive buildings and equipment. This system is especially suitable for the underpinning of existing buildings due to the following criteria: 1. Settlement of building 2. Upgrade of building floor load due to change of usage 3. Increase additional floor/area to maximize plot ratio. 4. As an alternative to bored pile or micropile to avoid/minimise the risks of undermining adjacent foundations. Our JACKED-IN PILING SYSTEM utilises a prefabricated steel frame designed and manufactured by FOUNDTECH. Precast square or spun pile is hydraulically jacked into the ground in a smooth continuous motion. For underpinning works, the existing floor slab, beam and/or foundation can be combined with kentledge as counter weight to jack precast RC piles or circular steel pipes as determined by the site and ground conditions. Any inquiries please email to :

Product & Services

In consideration of varying site conditions and loading requirements, we have developed and manufactured two types of jacking system: 1. Direct top jacking system 2. Clamping system. Apart from the JACKED-IN PILING system, FOUNDTECH also offers a varied range of construction services encompassing. 1. Underpinning 2. Micropilling works 3. All forms of driven piles 4. Soil Nailing 5. Building works 6. Factory refurbishment or upgrading works.

Vision & Mission

We are a PILING & FOUNDATION SPECIALIST offering full design and construction services including JACKED-IN PILES, DRIVEN PILES, MICROPILES, UNDERPINNING, SUBSTRUCTURE and BASEMENT works.
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