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Sungai Siput, Perak

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As Cola drinks originated from U.S.A., green tea from China and Coffee from Ethiopia, ‘White Coffee' has its origin from the Old Town of Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. There are 13 major species for coffee and "Ipoh White Coffee" is currently one of the most popular ones. 
"White Coffee" is an important local delicacy of Malaysia. "HICOMI Ipoh White Coffee" is a white coffee brand of a well-known white coffee producer in the country HICOMI SDN BHD. Its products include white coffee classic, white coffee sugar free hazelnut white coffee, white coffee with collagen, oligo and red beet which have become the specified brands of many consumers.
As a coffee producer, we are committed to safeguarding the Ipoh White Coffee, a delicacy of Ipoh Old Town as it is not only a coffee beverage, but also a unique cultural symbol for Ipoh Old Town incorporating history, culture and white coffee in it.
We spared no expense equipping ourselves with machineries and produce our white coffee with a scientific management so as to offer the best quality White Coffee that meets the highest requirements for white coffee enabling consumers to savor the authentic white coffee from Ipoh.
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