Jurukon Malaysia (36830)
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Kuching, Sarawak

About Us

JURUKON MALAYSIA, being one of Sarawak’s leading majority Bumiputera owned survey firm was officially incorporated in January 1995 having its Registration No. 36830 as stated in the Certificate of Registration having its main office located in Kuching. The firm is managed and owned by its partners namely Sukman Haji Said, Dennis NL Chong, and Colin KC Chua. Each partner assumes a senior management role in major fields of expertise and is responsible for the many specialised services offered. The principal partners are registered professionals, who are licensed to practice in Sarawak. The partner are technically and administratively involved in all projects. With its well trained and experienced personnel, the Firm is more than capable of handling large or small projects no matter how complex or demanding the projects are. From its humble beginning the affirm has grown to one of the giant in the land surveying consultancy of the state. The Firm itself is registered with major government departments, statutory bodies,the Federal Treasury and Unit Pendaftaran Kontraktor dan Juruperunding Negeri Sarawak.

Product & Services

OUR SERVICES Jurukon Malaysia provides a wide range of survey services to comprehensively satisfy the needs of various clients. The professional and technical personnel of our firm are fully qualified to accommodate survey requirements in the following fields: Higher Order Control Survey-geodetic trigonometric control networks stations or reference networks etc. Cadastral Surveying-which include subdivision, amalgamation, perimeter, alienation, land acquisition surveys and verification. Engineering Surveys-topographical and detail survey to provide terrain information for design purpose, setting out survey of roads, pipelines and transmission lines, as-built surveys to ensure conformity of construction to specification. Hydrographic Surveys-to determine the surface depth or formations of inshore waters, reference position of offshore structures etc. Strata Titles Surveys-survey for subdivision of buildings under the Strata Titles Ordinance. Land Development Services-feasibility studies, preparation of layout plans, planning briefs for development project from medium to township scales etc. Specialised Service-include resource inventory, utilities mapping, deformation and monitoring surveys, and in association with our international associates, also provide airborne radar mapping, laser profiling and aerial photography. Jurukon Malaysia can render a multitude of services with our in-house, experienced staff; and when project demand specialised expertise, the Firm has the resources to provide expert technical support through our association with special consultant. Contact Persons: Sr Dennis Chong Nyuk Loi Sr Colin Chua Kwong Chih Sr Sukman Bin Said

Vision & Mission

OUR VISION To be actively involved in the survey industry and to become one of the best survey firms in the future. Quality, creativity and on time delivery remain the top priority to all the project undertaken by the Firm. OUR PHILOSOPY Jurukon Malaysia has a fundamental philosophy that highlights high quality and cost effective services. The principals of the Firm believe that a successful surveying firm needs to have hands-on practice, requires hands on commitment and have total quality control of the service. Our track record speaks for itself.
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