Lam Safety Gate & Alarm Automation (IP0217968-W)
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Ipoh, Perak

About Us

COMPANY PROFILE  About Us : Established in 1998 as one of the leading partners in the security and automation market in Malaysia. We are specializing in alarm system, automatic gate, surveillance systems, intercom systems, integrated card access systems, automatic door system, barrier system and related security and services for many years. We also work with contractors, developers and interior designers to provide professional consultation into fulfilling to every individual needs, be it for commercial or residential projects to government agencies, offices of factories. We strongly believe that our accumulated experience and expertise in this industry, we can provide a more comprehensive and professional services. Nowadays, there is an increasing demand for various security systems among the general public. With the establishment of a more advanced and sophisticated office premises well-equipped with the latest technology, we can provide quality services to our clients more efficiently and effectively.  Project Reference :  1.   Hospital Fatimah - Card Access System 2.   Sri Maju Express Bus (all branches in Malaysia) - Surveillance System 3.   Edaran Tan Chong Motor S/B (Sitiawan, Taiping, Seri Manjung ) - Alarm System & Card Access System 4.   Shell Petrol Station (Highway R & R) - Surveillance System 5.   Perak Chinese Maternity Hospital - Card Access System 6.   AEON Kinta City (Ipoh) S/B - Automatic Door System 7.   TGV Cinema, Kinta City (Ipoh) S/B - Surveillance System & Card Access System 8.   Lambaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (Ipoh) - Automatic Door System 9.   Econgas NGV S/B (Perak & Pulau Pinang) - Alarm & Surveillance System 10. Ritz Garden Hotel - Alarm System 11. Kurz Production (M) S/B - Card Access System 12. Solid Rubber Trading - Surveillance System 13. Ipoh Chinese Methodist Church - Automatic Gate & Surveillance System 14. Sandu & Associates - Surveillance System & Card Access System 15. Kinta Riverfront Hotel - Automatic Door System 16. FELDA, Trolak - Surveillance System 17. Voith Paper Fabrics (Ipoh) S/B - Card Access System & Autogate System 18. Pagoda Foods (Malaysia) S/B - Alarm System 19. Choo Bee Metal Industries Berhad - Surveillance System & Automatic Gate System 20. Indah Pack (PK) Sdn Bhd -  Surveillance System, Alarm System & Door Access System 21. Ipoh City & Country Club -  Surveillance System 22. Taki Engineering Sdn Bhd - Alarm System & Automatic Gate System (Bungalow units at Sunway City) 23. Great Chain (M) Sdn Bhd - Alarm System (Bungalow units at Sunway City) 24. Alpine Cove Sdn Bhd - Surveillance System (Shop Lot at Klebang Bistari, Chemor) 25. Zenbes Sdn Bhd - Surveillance System 26. Amanjaya Natural Resources Sdn Bhd - Surveillance System, Alarm System & Door Access System 27. Cybershield Plastic Sdn Bhd - PC Based Door Access System 28. Kamaya Electric (M) Sdn Bhd - Automatic Door System 29. Kah Guan Brothers Sdn Bhd - Surveillance System & Alarm System 30. Kin Onn Industrial Machinery Sdn Bhd - Surveillance System 31. Long Hin Dim Sum Restaurant - Surveillance System 32. Pangkor Island Beach Resort - Alarm System 33. Klinik Nagoke - Surveillance System 34. South Malaya Transport Trading Co. - Surveillance System 35. TA Securities Holding Berhad - PC Based Door Access System 36. Hospital Pantai Putri - Door Access System 37. Pinji Botanics S/B - Alarm System (170 units of Bungalow at Seri Botani)      

Business Profile

General Business Information • Business Name : LAM SAFETY GATE & ALARM AUTOMATION • Company Registration No. : IP0217968-W • GST Registration No. : 000256802816 • Office Address : NO. 25, LALUAN IPOH PERMAI 9, TAMAN IPOH INDAH, 31400 IPOH. PERAK DARUL RIDZUAN • Office Telephone Number : 05 – 546 9625 • Office Facsimile Number : 05 – 546 9625 • Email Address : • Managing Director : MR. SIMON CHOW Business Details • Date of Creation : Since 1998 • Main Areas of Activities of : PENINSULAR MALAYSIA Business • Main Products : BURGLAR ALARM SYSTEM, SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM, AUTO GATE SYSTEM, AUTO DOOR SYSTEM, BIOMETRICS SYSTEM, CARD ACCESS SYSTEM, BARRIER GATE SYSTEM, HOTEL LOCK SYSTEM, GUARD TOUR SYSTEM, PBX SYSTEM • Main Services : WIRING & INSTALLATION, DOOR-TO-DOOR SERVICE
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