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71, Jln Sultan Azlan Shah Utara
Jerma Complex
Ipoh, Perak 31400
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About Us
20dB Hearing (formerly known as Gnosis Professional Hearing Services) was founded in year 2002, with its first outlet in Kuala Lumpur. The main objective of the company is to provide diagnostic hearing tests, consultation on hearing impairment and hearing aid fitting. To date, 20dB Hearing is one of the largest hearing care providers in Malaysia, operating out of 18 outlets and service points in Malaysia. 20dB Hearing also has the highest number of qualified hearing care professionals - audiologists in the field. In fact, unlike others, all 20dB Hearing's outlets are managed by qualified audiologists to ensure excellent and qualified hearing services to its clients.

Product & Services
Audiological Services - Diagnostic assessments
• Pure-tone Audiometry (PTA)
• Speech Discrimination test
• Play Audiometry
• Visual Reinforcement Audiometry
• Distraction test
• Tympanometry
• Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE)
• Brain Stem Evoked Response (BSER)
• Infant hearing screening
• Consultation on Middle Ear and Cochlear Implant

Our Products
• Major international brand such as Unitron, Siemens & GN Resound hearing aids
• Behind-The-Ear (BTE), Receiver-In-The-Canal (RIC)
• Custom made hearing aids, including ITE, ITC, CIC and IOT
• Wireless CROS/BICROS
• Bone conduction Hearing Aids (BCHA)
• Musician earplug
• Earplane
• Noise protector
• Accessories (Eargear, etc)
• Aided Listening Devices (Vibrating alarm, amplified telephone)

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Vision & Mission
• We shall be the preferred choice of audiological services and hearing aid fitting centre in Malaysia

• To establish nationwide network of hearing centers with qualified audiologists
• To create awareness of hearing impairment and hearing aid rehabilitation

Positioning statement:
• 20dB Hearing is the professional hearing aid fitting store that provides hard of hearing people with personalized hearing rehabilitation program because unlike others, we have dedicated audiologists in every nationwide outlet.

Our Uniqueness
• Committed and long serving senior Audiologists
• Variety of Hearing Aid products and accessories
• Speedy processing and repair services with own labs
• Pre-fitting counseling
• Scientific fitting protocols for adult and children
• Post-fitting verification and validation
• Customized Aural Rehabilitation program.
• Nationwide service/product support
• Hearing aid trial program
• 30-day return for refund
• 0% installment payment method
• Lost and damage protection
• Extended warranty
• Personal customer care representative


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