Al Aqsa Resources Sdn Bhd(1082010-U)

B2-6-1, First Floor, Jalan Nirwana 38
Taman Nirwana
Ampang, Selangor 68000

About Us
Who We Are

Alaqsa Resources Group Sdn Bhd is a private company, operating in Malaysia, was founded in 2009 by dedicated group entrepreneurs who have skills and experience in the field of hand tools supplier and workshop equipment, machinery engineering and maintenance of equipment.
Currently, the Alaqsa Resources Group is an authorised dealer and the sole representative for the products known in Europe, China, & Thailand. They are the manufacturers in automotive construction equipment in East Asia like :

Somaline (Malaysia) : Wheel Balancer, Semi automatics tyre changer.

Actia Muller (France) : Automotive test line equipment, gas and smoke analyser and also garage equipment.

Cormach (Italy) : Automotive Equipment, tyre shop equipment and lift.

Garage Equipment (Italy) : Silent compressors, automotive servicing, tyre equipment and portable bead breakers.

Sata (Danaher Group,USA) : Hand tools :- General and Special tools.

TEN (Netherlands) : Automotive test line equipment, smoke meter & etc.

Launch (USA) : The product line is broken up into two division : automotive diagnostics, and under car service including lifts and alignment equipment.

Alaqsa Group is ready to fulfill the market demand by presenting our products with a very competitive price.