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R218, Level 2, Sarawak Plaza,
Jln Tunku Abdul Rahman,
Kuching, Sarawak 93100
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About Us
Dura-Life Marketing Sdn Bhd welcomes you to our stores. Our first physical location in Sarawak is at Sarawak Plaza well-known as Greek's Outgear Discovery Store. Fashion conscious and also traveler's shoppers have enjoyed visiting us here since 2001.

You can find the same great prices on our high quality handbags, luggage, sport bags, custom trunks and cases, accessories, wallets and purses that you expect from our store.

Our store also sells complete outdoor clothing and equipment to our equipment.
Whether you're climbing, running, walking, camping or mountaineering and also travelers, our store is open for you to find your needs.

So we know what you need to make the most of your time outside. We've selected the best, we've researched it thoroughly and we've found the best possible prices for our customers.

As a family runs business we stick to the standards which have kept us going so long in a fast changing market. We know outdoor products, we know how to provide great customer service and we know good value when we see it.

Our job is to provide what you need to enjoy yourself to the full. If you're happy outside, so are we.

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Camping Gear & Access
Sleeping Bags
Document Bags
Winter Wear
Travelling Luggage & Access
Camping Equipment


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