G S Gill Sdn Bhd(39334-H)

Wisma Harwant,
No. 106, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman,
Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan 50100
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10:00 am to 07:00 pm

About Us
G.S. Gill Sdn. Bhd. was founded in 1946 and is now a well-established retailer of sports equipment and accessories in Malaysia. We started out as a small business, selling bicycles and accessories in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Over the decades we expanded and diversified our business, establishing a retail store and wholesale department offering premium sporting goods in Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman (TAR), just two blocks away from our original location.

In 1952, G.S. Gill became the Licensor of Adidas, at the time an emerging brand in Europe. The mutual trust we had in each other ensured a long lasting partnership that saw Adidas rapidly become one of the biggest sports brands in Malaysia, and G.S Gill is still one of the dealers of the famous brand till today.

Since the early days, we have served people from all walks of life who share a common interest in sports. Our loyal customers include individuals, families, government agencies, schools, private and public companies, and various associations. Our strengths have always been variety and affordability, two features that make G.S. Gill the preferred destination for all things sports, even as we approach our 70th year in operations.

Products & Services
• Eider Football Apparel
• Adidas apparel, shoes, accessories
• Badminton racquets and accessories
• GTO nets
• Gym accessories and weights
• Rugby Equipment
• Football Training Equipment
• Carrom Equipment
• Cricket Bats and accessories
• Darts Equipment
• Futsal Equipment
• Hockey Equipment
• Netball Apparel and Accessories
• Sepak Takraw Equipment
• Squash Equipment
• Table Tennis
• Tennis nets
• Volleyball Equipment

G S Gill Sdn Bhd
G S Gill Sdn Bhd
G S Gill Sdn Bhd
G S Gill Sdn Bhd