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• Who is physiotherapist?

A physiotherapist or physical therapist is a health care professional who specializes in maximising human movement, function and potential.

• What is physiotherapist work for?

A physiotherapist may work with someone after injury, accident or surgery, so that patients regain their independence and return to work faster, or may work to prevent injury for instance with sporting clubs or overuse syndrome in the workplace, such as neck pain or low back pain.

• What is physiotherapy treatment?

Physiotherapy is scientific and evidence-based medical treatment, including a wide range of treatment methods, basically divided into

I. Physical assessment: assessment on physical joint and muscular system’s mobility, joint alignment. From the assessment, Physiotherapist develops a clear plan of action for its future management, and estimation of number and frequency of treatments needed and outline activities for home and work to help your problem. Relief can be dramatic and long lasting.

II. Manual therapy: hands on treatments e.g. soft tissue manipulation, joint mobilization, spinal manipulation.

III. Electrotherapy to reduce pain and inflammation; e.g. interferential current, low frequency current, ultrasound therapy, spinal traction.

IV. Exercise therapy; stretching and strengthening exercises, core muscle stability exercises

V. Education; advice on suitable exercises, foot wear and posture care.

• What can patient expect from physiotherapy treatment?

After physiotherapy treatment you should have less pain, feel more mobile, flexible and comfortable in your movements.

Sometimes, there maybe some mild treatment soreness because physiotherapists may mobilise the stiff joint and the moblilisation may stretch on the tight soft tissue, e.g. tendon, ligament, capsule, which may produce after treatment soreness.

However, it may take period of time to recover, because, to loosen the tight joints or tissue with conservative method may need some times.

• Conditions for physiotherapist treatment;

Physiotherapists can work with you to achieve better and more cost-effective care. Some of the areas where physiotherapists can help are;

Treating and reduce discomfort in patient who have acute or chronic musculoskeletal pain,

*Low back pain and neck pain.

*Joints pain including osteoarthritis of hip, knee, shoulder, elbow.

*Prolapsed intervertebral disc or slip disc, spinal stenosis, sciatica pain.

*Cervical or lumbar spondylosis.

*Soft tissue injuries e.g. Frozen shoulder, wrist De quervain syndrome, heel pain (plantar fasciitis).

*Sports injuries e.g. shoulder rotator calf injury, tennis elbow, golfer elbow, wrist injury, sprain ankle, others tendinitis and ligament injuries.

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