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Batu Gajah, Perak 31000
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About Us
An Introduction to Universal Lime Sdn Bhd
Universal Lime Sdn Bhd is located at Batu Gajah and Simpang Pulai, Perak, Malaysia where most of the limestone deposited. Our fully automated plant produces in excess of 400,000 metric tones of high quality hydrated lime, quicklime, calcium carbonate and limestone aggregate for use in building construction as a cementitious material and plasticizer; in agriculture to apply calcium and magnesium as plant nutrients and for neutralization; in highway construction for soil stabilization and as a filler and antistripping agent in asphalt; in steel manufacturing as a flux in purifying steel during the “heat” by promoting fusion of the slag and assisting in removal of phosphorus, silica and sulphur as calcium phosphates, silicates and sulphides in the slag that is tapped off from the molten metal; and lastly in water treatment and neutralization management, lime acts as a neutralization agent. Our production facilities are one of the largest and moderns in Malaysia.

In 1991, we started supplying lime to the Malaysian Government in particular LAP, JBA and JKR. To serve the customers in Malaysia better and ensure quick response to our customers’ needs, we started delivery of lime in bulk tankers. We also assist our customers in planning lime storage facilities such as silos that would help to reduce their need for storage space. Universal Lime Sdn Bhd has an annual supply contract in excess of 20 million ringgit for the Malaysia Government and major commercial clients.

Our limes meet both ASTM as well as BS standards and are used by most of the WTP and commercial plants in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Philippine, Papua New Genuine and etc.

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