USJ Paper Recyclers Sdn Bhd (834444-A)
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Subang Jaya, Selangor

About Us

USJ Paper Recycles Sdn Bhd has been established in harvesting recyclables and providing a supply of raw material to recycling companies in Malaysia for more than 20 years. The recyclables harvested ranges from paper, carton boxes, plastic, glass and metal from waste streams, diverting as much reusable waste from the landfills into recycling channels as possible. Equally important, we provide destruction solutions to organizations, government agencies and corporate entities who wish to responsibly dispose data devices while simultaneously maintaining high levels of data security. USJ Paper Recycles Sdn Bhd is an alternative destination for all reusable waste, with a capacity of 3-acres of storage area, and ready to be dispersed as important raw material to recycling plants in Malaysia. Waste Disposal Management House: Bringing solution to Government Agencies, Printers, Business Industry, College & Universities, Bank & Finance Institutions, Non-Profit Organization.

Product & Services

Our Services Recyclables Collection We provide services for the collection management and disposal solutions of recyclables from the contracted and non-contracted supply source of major hypermarkets, shopping malls, pharmaceutical companies and product distributors. This harvested recyclables are sorted and stored in strategic locations in the Klang Valley before being distributed to recycling plants. We collect all kind of: • General Waste Paper • Used Carton Boxes • Old Newspaper • Office printout & computer form • Used & recycle plastic products • Scrap Metal Data Destruction Solutions We are equipped with the highest level of security and machinery to destroy non-disclosure data responsibly whilst protecting the confidentiality of the information held within the document or devices.

Vision & Mission

Dealer of waste paper, collect used & recycled plastic products. Waste disposable management house.